Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bullies can dish it out, but not take it!

I have been pranked before.  My cube toilet papered with about a zillion toilet paper rolls.  Since I am not a whiny little bitch, I laughed it off and cleaned it up.

There is this office bully.  Let us call him The Real 40 Year Old Virgin, or TR40YOV for short.  TR40YOV is always pulling pranks on the new people.  So we pulled a prank on him:
This is only part of his desk.  He has a 20 ft desk. This is the left part

The right had side of his desk

Nice little pretty hearts and a 'Princess' tablecloth.

Disney Princess Puzzle!

Though some people can dish it out and not take it I guess.  TR40YOV was not happy and said he was going to tell all the managers.  It was removed before he even got into the office.  Wahhhh Wahhh Wahhh

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  1. Mac:
    ...hey Monty, thanks for taking care of my desk, I hear you and Adam really messed it up. its perfect since then I can show on how I need a new place to work at ever since Support went took up residence in the room, and Michael, Todd and Sonya can start arguing all over again on where to put support people. Can't wait to take pictures tomorrow morning. Thanks again, I needed the perfect reason to force Todd to take action.

    This from someone who pranked a support person last week? whoever did that didnt impede your computer or monitor. if you dish it out, be prepared to take it

    i am, but you timed it so wrong. did you hear that i walked out of the office last week? guess why I left office. It's because MZ is forcing his crap noisy people into a room that was meant to be quiet. So, thanks again and I'll make sure to note your name and Adam on my email w/ the pics tomorrow to Todd, Sonya and MZ. Office politics is messy Mont, you just gave me the ammo I needed to win.

    Do whatever you want, There aint no justifying being a rat.

    BTW, when was the last time I did anything to your desk? You do realize that you just OK'd for me to mess up your desk. as they say, payback is a b!tch. Hope you're ready.

    If your going to rat then the pranks are over for everyone. I dont get butt hurt unless someone destroys my property, thats only for the office rat

    You didn't make sense at all. But like I said, I needed some ammo to throw into the office politics about desk spaces and you and Adam just provided it. Sorry, sir but once again, as mentioned, your timing was just wrong. And like all jokes, timing is key.