Thursday, December 5, 2013


A few years ago there was this douche-bag who only cared about himself.  Luckily he got busted for being a self centered dick:

From: Michael
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2009 3:38 PM
To: **Local**
Subject: Community Coffee Cups


Now that our company does not supply styrofoam cups I was a bit concerned when I went to get a cup of coffee today and found two coffee cups  were available in the break room both of which I don’t like using. Later as I was walking through the Support area I happen to walk past a certain individuals desk and to my disbelieve I seen were all the coffee cups went.

Jon ,

On behalf of *everybody* at our company, especially the coffee drinkers, I ask that during your *own* time you wash the cups you have horded at your desk. In the future I also request that you be considerate enough to realize that these cups are community cups, not your personal cups, and other people would appreciate being allowed to use them.

Cups in kitchen as of (3:20pm PST) 8/11/09

Cups on Jon's desk @ 3:30pm PST) 8/11/2009

nickgonzales4949: can you email me this
nickgonzales4949: please

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Got you again Marco

For some strange reason, Marco does not believe anything I say.  Part of the reason may be that when someone was on vacation, I had convinced him that someone was getting a sex change operation.

I was simply out of the office for 3 days and he did not believe I was back in the office.  I needed to take this opportunity to trick him.  You need to be more trusting Marco!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Is Tai'Rownn the famous cop-killer Chris Dorner?

                                      Is Tai'Rownn the famous cop-killer Chris Dorner?


                                                             Chris Dorner

Though he denies any connection with the murderer, the uncanny resemblance between the two is a dead giveaway.  I have sent this information to the authorities and they have promised an investigation.

This is similar to the News Reporter that was reporting on himself as a rapist at large:

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Congratulations MPF on winning the dance competition!

MPF has just won an Atlanta Dance Competition.  We will welcome him back from his long 3 day absence on Tuesday October 1st 2013!
Homemade(printed) Congratulatory card

Many people signed the card in a great show of support!

Cube decorated with pictures of people dancing.   **Note most of the pictures are unseen and will probably be found within the coming months\years

Marco is a big Jason Collins Fan

Marco mentioned how Jason Collins was on the cover of Sports Illustrated, so I figured I would spruce up his cube a little:

Added Several pictures of his fav. basketball player.  Also put up his favorite saying, "I can't even think straight!"

Put up a picture of him in his favorite outfit.  This outfit is from the Disney classic 'Snow White'.

Picture of Eduardo.  They met at a rally in San Francisco.

Full view of cube

Bullies can dish it out, but not take it!

I have been pranked before.  My cube toilet papered with about a zillion toilet paper rolls.  Since I am not a whiny little bitch, I laughed it off and cleaned it up.

There is this office bully.  Let us call him The Real 40 Year Old Virgin, or TR40YOV for short.  TR40YOV is always pulling pranks on the new people.  So we pulled a prank on him:
This is only part of his desk.  He has a 20 ft desk. This is the left part

The right had side of his desk

Nice little pretty hearts and a 'Princess' tablecloth.

Disney Princess Puzzle!

Though some people can dish it out and not take it I guess.  TR40YOV was not happy and said he was going to tell all the managers.  It was removed before he even got into the office.  Wahhhh Wahhh Wahhh